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Cantilever Umbrella

Many of us remember the beach umbrellas from the water park, lakeside, or seaside. However, these iconic canopies can become an eyesore. When your patio, poolside, or garden area needs shade, consider a cantilever umbrella instead. Cool Off carries numerous sleek modern cantilever products from respected designers.

Despite originating from a single off-center pole, these products are easy to secure and weigh down during storms. Storage works the same as for other models.

What is a cantilever umbrella?

The center push umbrella is the type we are most familiar with. A canopy wraps around a central pole and locks into place when ready to use. Modern variants come in elegant shapes and a variety of colors.

Cantilever patio umbrellas take the modern umbrella a step further. They give the illusion of a floating canopy and can cover a large area. Many swivel to offer shade for pools and other areas that center push umbrellas cannot reach.

Umbrellas for Shade

Large and impervious canopies offer superior shade cover. Cantilevers easily handle the additional weight.

A fulcrum allows these umbrellas to tilt and sway in ways that center pole models do not. A strong gust of wind is less likely to push your umbrella over.

Are cantilever umbrellas safe?

These off-center umbrellas are safe. The poles are specially designed to offset the weight of the canopy. You will need to tear them down in a strong storm like any other product. Weighted bases withstand the elements with ease.

Some cantilever umbrellas fold around their pole for easy storage and balance in the strongest of storms. Still, you may need to take off the canopy. However, most products are designed to handle large gusts, meaning that you only need to take special precautions in a gale.

Do I need additional weight for my umbrella?

Cantilevers do not require any additional weight or effort on your part. They are designed to withstand weather patterns with the same winds as center pole models. Our providers continue to produce superior quality cantilever devices and have for years.

Due to their nature, the lever is larger than most other umbrellas. They are more difficult to move because of their weight but the right color pole can almost be unnoticeable.

Who makes cantilever umbrellas?

We carry cantilever products from multiple renowned designers. The space-age look of a Shademaker is perfect for a club feel. Treasure Garden products accentuate heavily vegetated areas with upscale quality umbrellas.

 Cool Off carries designer products to help modernize your outdoor area. Our products are elegant and designed to brighten your outdoor space. Enjoy your new head-turning patio with friends and family.

Affordable Luxury Umbrellas

The best outdoor umbrella for sale will be more costly than the standard model. At Cool Off, we strive to bring everyone a level of elegance and style. Products from renowned designers grace the pool sides and patios of many of our customers.

A cantilever umbrella offers unparalleled shade and modernity. Get in contact with us at 800-504-6478.

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Cantilever Umbrella

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